We offer full and part day programs for children from 6 weeks old through pre-kindergarten, including the state sponsored Voluntary Pre- Kindergarten (VPK).

The luxury of comprehensive childcare from infancy through pre-k at one location cannot be overstated. At No Limits Early Learning Center, we are parents too. We know what it is like to balance hectic morning schedules and dropping off all your children at one location can make your morning schedules simpler.  You can turn to No Limits Early Learning Center to provide age appropriate care and comprehensive stimulation for all your little ones.


6 Weeks - 12 Months

The decision to return to work is never an easy one, especially when your child is still an infant. At No Limits Early Learning Center we foster a safe, nurturing environment for our youngest of students with a low 4:1 child to caregiver ratio. Our staff is here to help your family adjust to the transition of part or full time care. Communication of your child’s activities is a priority and we are committed to working with you to facilitate your infant’s growth.


12 Months - 2 Years

As your baby transitions into a toddler, our program adjusts with them – providing that continuing stimulation and love they require. Now that they are on the move, they are ready to explore the world around them! We use this curiosity and readiness by channeling it into learning. Keeping toddlers challenged and moving ahead will build and grow their minds and bodies each at their own pace. Balancing fun, fitness and learning with laughter will bring progress far above so many “babysitting” style care centers. Our program includes communicating, creating and exploring to facilitate the development the whole child.


2 Years - 3 Years

This is the class where children see themselves as independent individuals who love having all eyes on them! Yes, the two year old stage can be challenging, but our classroom is especially created for children whom we adore. From circle time to outside play to toilet training, it all happens in here.


3 Years - 4 Years

Our focus for this age group is to provide a safe environment full of new learning experiences for each student to enhance their uniqueness and prepare them for a bright future. Reading concepts, sight words, circle time, show and tell, even Spanish are all elements of the curriculum for this important development period.


4 Years by Sept. 1st

The Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, or VPK program sponsored by the state Department of Education is offered at No Limits. We are proud to announce that we have the only 100% rating for this program in Lake Mary!  This unique program ensures a child’s readiness for Kindergarten with a structured curriculum creating a firm foundation for his or her educational career. At No Limits Early Learning Center we follow the education standards put in place by the Department of Education (DOE), Agency for Workforce innovations (AWI), and Department of Children and Families (DCF). These standards are grouped around 8 areas of development: physical health, approaches to learning, social and emotional development, language and communication, emergent literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, social studies, art, and motor development.