Ellie has been doing tremendously well! We see a lot of positive changes in her, and since she has moved up to the three-year-old group, we see she has learned a lot. Thank you!
— Happy Parent
If you are looking for a small, private, faith-based preschool in the Lake Mary area, no limits early learning center may be the spot for you and your little one! Classroom sizes are small and are more capable of providing one on one attention with your child. Days will be filled with learning, fun, laughter, and love. Snacks, meals and that time will all be a part of your child’s day, just like when they are home with you. The staff is a small, loving Community that wants to see your child grow. Each child is recognized as a special gift from God!
— Happy Parent
We have had the pleasure to be a part of the No Limits family from before the time our child was born. They welcomed us in during our tour and have watched over our child for two years now. They are ever evolving and always available to discuss parental ideas, concerns or questions. The No Limits staff are always appreciative of parent feedback and address this feedback quickly and professionally.

The one thing we love most is how they allow the children to be who they are and engage them in an environment where they can thrive. They guide the children through developmentally appropriate tasks and lessons that allow each child an opportunity to learn. My 21-month-old has already been exposed to the butterfly lifecycle, colors, shapes, letters, numbers, transportation, songs and dance to play and manipulatives.

My favorite day was when I came in after instruction had already begun at drop off. The director was leading the students in a lesson about animals. She played music and when it stopped each child jumped on animal feet cards and made the sound of the animal. The expression on the student’s faces was priceless as they made their sound and learned about the noises animals make.

This school has a positive community that surrounds it. The school offers a lot of opportunities for parents to come to the festival events and meet other families. We have enjoyed many performances, hollowing festivals and carnivals the school has put together. We have absolutely loved our time at No Limits Early Learning Center and highly recommend the education and care they provide.
— Happy Parent